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Cooking With Spices: Techniques for Big Flavor


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Learn essential techniques for cooking with spices and create ultra-flavorful meals with guidance from Sur La Table Resident Chef Angie Lee. First, build a strong foundation for every dish with no-fail techniques for working with salt and pepper. Then, open a whole new world of possibilities with whole spices and learn how to infuse spice into dishes including pickled red onion, star anise-honey ice cream with wine-poached pears and more. Next, learn how to grind, toast and even fry your spices for delicious Moroccan marinated chicken and richly infused oils. And, learn how to blend your spices for Indian, Chinese and Latin American flavor profiles that complement a variety of dishes. Plus, find out how to make your own chili powder and apply homemade pastes to enhance favorite dishes, from chicken wings to braised pork, for crowd-pleasing results!