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Cooking the Northern Italian Way


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Master authentic methods and delicious recipes for Northern Italian staples with help from expert Italian chef and cookbook author Luca Manfé. Start with a nourishing lemon and asparagus risotto made with a homemade vegetable stock that packs this dish with incredible flavor. Learn the secrets to Friulian frico, a savory pie from Luca's home region, filled with potatoes, onions and tangy cheese. Then, Luca shows you three ways to make delicious polenta: creamy, grilled and fried! Pasta is next: Find out how to make fresh egg pasta filled with a rich ricotta-broccoli rabe filling and drizzled with a little butter to really let your flavors shine. Lastly, learn two authentic Northern Italian ways to cook fish, including al cartoccio, or “in a bag,” and master braised beef that always guarantees rave reviews.