Cooking Essentials: All About Beef


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Cook your best beef ever! Join award-winning food writer and cookbook author Raquel Pelzel as you master cooking techniques for seven mouthwatering cuts of beef. Start by learning how to shop for everyone's affordable favorite — ground beef. Then, get Raquel's tips for shaping and pan-frying incredibly juicy meatballs and burgers, and tenderize flank steak for a super-simple stir-fry. Next, enjoy pan-seared skirt steak in a creamy mushroom sauce and create a light Thai-style hanger steak salad that's ideal for weeknight dinners. T-bone and porterhouse will become your go-to steaks once you learn how to sear-roast these large cuts to perfection. Plus, make lip-smacking short ribs braised in a chocolate stout mole sauce, and discover the secrets to pot roast that melts in your mouth. Finally, never fear cooking for large crowds again with Raquel's techniques for always-impressive prime rib roast!