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Connect the Blocks: Designing Custom Sashings


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Don't let completed blocks go unused! Learn how to make and customize a variety of sashings that will bring them to life as a gorgeous quilt. Enjoy step-by-step guidance from veteran instructor Barb Eikmeier and discover her straightforward system for fitting quilt sashing and cornerstones to any number of blocks in any size. Using the worksheets included with this class, you'll be able to accurately calculate your fabric needs and create your own cutting charts, so you can take on any project with confidence. From plain, triple and scalloped sashings to the dazzling friendship star, Ohio star and sawtooth star variations, Barb will help you assemble designs that you can use to unify your blocks, increase quilt size and add instant visual appeal. Plus, learn cornerstone designs that will enhance your sashings, and uncover timesaving construction and alignment tips for high-quality results.