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Classic Table Linens: Mastering Miters


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Shouldn’t your table linens have a look worthy of the unforgettable times and conversations you’ve shared around the table? Join renowned designer and instructor Linda Lee and create four fantastic projects that will take your table decor far beyond the average! During class, see how easy it is to get started by folding, marking and stitching your way into traditional, hemstitched napkins with expertly pressed edges and corners. Then, get ready for placemat perfection, as Linda shows you how to make placemats with an elegant ribbon frame. For your third project, move on to create an elegant table runner, learning to miter at unique angles without anxiety. Plus, Linda will finish by showing you how to make two captivating tablecloths — rectangular and round — as you learn to sew mitered double-fold bindings, all in one step. One thing’s clear, when it comes to the table, this class will have you set!