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Christmas Gift Idea Stunning Preserved Moss Wall Art With Led Lights For Live Artwork Lighted Framed



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Best Christmas Idea 2021 Stunning Preserved Moss Wall Art with LED Lights Live Moss LED Artwork Preserved Moss Lighted Framed Moss Wall Art Greenery Home Decoration Did you know you could have real moss hanging from your wall? That's right. This lush combination of moss & thistle is a unique piece from preserved moss that does not need any maintenance. You can create a little garden on your wall, & rest assured that it will remain green & full. This amazing wall art from moss with LED Lights is perfect for any interior, bringing a natural & fresh element to your home. LED light will shine through & highlight the artwork in ways never seen before. It comes in a frame made from high-quality wood that will undoubtedly withstand the test of time. This piece's texture is visible even from a significant distance, making it more than just an item on your wall. & battery operated LED lighting adds a touch of twinkling romance to your wall. Let your walls transport you to another place by adding this Stunning Preserved Moss Wall Art with LED Lights. Living room, bedroom, office, & kitchen, every room in your home should have secondary lightingand wall art with lights are always up to the task. The lighting that this wall art provide is perfect to illuminate dark corners, add a bit of calming ambiance & infuse some mega style into your interior décor! Add of touch of romance to your surroundings with our LED wall decor! Details: Handmade Included 2 white led lights (1led need 2pcs AA batteries) Batteries not included Dimensions to choose from: 58×29 cm ( 22.8×14.4 inch ) 78×39 cm ( 30.7×15.4 inch ) 108×49 cm 42.5×19.3 inch ) Materials: oak, live moss, preserved moss, plant wall art, live plants, natural plants, natural wood, Reindeer moss, wood 10 different frame color available Made to order Each piece is lit with 2 white LED light, with On & Off switches. 1 led need 2pcs AA batteries, which are not included in the listing. To change batteries, you need take down art & change batteries from the back side art. Power time about 48-96 hours (depending on the battery manufacturer), if it will be ON all time. LED wall art will not only dress up a wall, but also provide accent lighting in any room in your home! Making sure you receive the highest-quality authentic wall art means more than simply using the best materials. We take time & extreme care while handcrafting & assembling each of our Moss walls. We understand how much joy & relaxations each of our moss wall art pieces can bring to someone. We make sure to pay attention to detail when crafting them to ensure that the finished product you receive is something you can enjoy for years to come & be proud to showcase in your home, office, or wherever it is you desire an extra splash of nature or inspiration! All our botanical art is created with 100% real natural elements that have been naturally preserved. Our moss frames require zero maintenance & can last several years. No water or light. Just let them