Cards With Dimension: Lovely Layers, Textures & Embellishments


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Make boutique-worthy cards with guidance from professional paper crafter Danielle Flanders! First, learn how to mix patterned paper like a pro, and achieve a wonderfully touchable texture in your cards with fresh embossing techniques. Incorporate vellum into your work in unique ways as you create a stylish frame and a pocket. Moving on, add embellishments for cards that are well-balanced and captivating. No paper? No problem in your next lesson, as Danielle shows you how to use paper alternatives such as felt, cork and twine to create one-of-a-kind cards. Finally, stitch words, borders and embellishments with ease, whether you’re a master sewer or have never picked up a needle and thread! 

When you’re ready to put your new techniques to use, head over to Craftsy’s supplies page for gorgeous paper, stylish embellishments, exciting tools and more.