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Join expert instructor Sharilyn Miller and discover essential forming, forging and fabrication techniques to turn heavy-gauge wire into high-end designs. First, create custom jump rings with a foolproof coiling method, then watch Sharilyn transform them into a striking rosette necklace. Discover how to incorporate heavy-gauge embellishments into your designs, including coils, captured beads and a spiral-wire clasp. Add dimension to ear wires and earrings with a lesson on annealing textural wire strips, and craft an eye-catching pendant necklace with a simple wrapping technique. Next, delve into fusing fine silver wire with go-to torch tips and learn to make elegant, accurately sized rings in a range of styles. Finally, get a close-up look at Sharilyn's method for fusing interlocking links with ease. Gain the skills to work with heavy-gauge wire, and elevate your designs today!