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Better Cakes in 29 Tools


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Discover tried-and-true decorating techniques for flawless cake designs. Blogger and cake decorator Loren Ebert is your guide throughout this online class. From kitchen knives to fondant rollers and smoothers, you'll learn how to achieve perfectly level cakes, avoid imperfections in your fondant and create swoon-worthy sharp edges every time. Loren shares the secrets to perfect stripes, beautiful waves and clean fondant seams. Plus, learn the ins and outs of using modeling tools for easy flowers and adorable hand-modeled faces. Then, work with extruders, impression mats, cutters and molds to bring eye-catching textures, playful embellishments, and beautiful lettering to every cake you create. You've got the tools, now learn how to use them for designs that always steal the show with their exquisite attention to detail.