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Baking With Spices: Techniques for Big Flavor


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Learn the techniques that bring out big flavors from desserts using baking spices you already have, with cookbook author and Love, Cake blogger Samantha Seneviratne as your guide. First, learn how to shop for, store and use fresh vanilla beans while creating a creamy custard that won't curdle. Then, get to know the different types of cinnamon and make a Mexican chocolate pudding with Ceylon cinnamon, or use the Cassia variety for gooey maple sticky buns. Next, master two ways of working with nutmeg and create a spicy fruit-studded cake featuring nutmeg, clove and allspice. Make Samantha's most-requested recipe: Chewy ginger cookies. And, get to know her favorite spice, cardamom, as you add just the right amount to crisp, sweet baklava. Finally, fearlessly work with peppercorns and chiles as you make Samantha's black pepper-chocolate-cherry quickbread, truffles packed with smoky morita chiles and more.