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Bake Your Own Bagels, Bialys & Pretzels


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Impress family and friends with from-scratch bread that has no equal for taste and flavor. Baker Sim Cass starts by demonstrating what makes bagel dough different from other bread dough. And find out how to mix and develop your dough for incredibly tasty results. You'll also learn how to whip up mini-bagels, the ultimate party trick. From dividing your dough equally to poaching, topping and baking your bagels, Sim walks you through each step of making your best bagels ever. Then, add savory bialys to your repertoire. Find out how to mix and expertly round your dough, cook classic fillings and bake your treats to perfection. Finally, master the mighty pretzel! Learn how to properly mix, shape, poach, coat and bake your pretzels for that ideal chewy texture everyone craves.