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48″ Hand-Carved Moai | Natural Greenstone


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About This Statue: The 48″ Moai Head statue is a replica of the famous Easter Island monoliths, hand-carved from volcanic greenstone. Dimensions: 14″ Wide x 16″ Deep x 48″ High (600 lbs) Finish: This statue comes in a natural finish. This means the stone is left in its raw state, allowing the beautiful details & variations in the coloring & texture to stand out. About The Material: Greenstone is an igneous rock, meaning it is formed from the solidification of molten rock material. It is a fine-grain basalt found in the earth's crust that takes on shades of green, grey & black with white silica deposits throughout. Shipping: This item will be shipped via freight from our warehouse in Portland, OR. The method & cost of shipping hinders our ability to offer better pricing for a single item, however we can generally offer lower prices on an order of two or more items. Additional items can also be added to a freight pallet for little or no additional shipping cost. This includes any of our other items for sale on Etsy or our website. Please message us if you would like to maximize your dollar by ordering multiple items. Furthermore, all freight shipments can be picked up at the destination terminal that exists in or just outside most metropolitan areas. If you choose this pickup option, you can save on shipping costs as a big portion of the cost lies in home delivery. Please let us know if you would like to explore this option. More Statuary & Garden Décor: We carry a large selection of greenstone, riverstone, & concrete statuary & garden décor. Our categories include statues, vases, planters, lanterns, fountains, tables/benches, etc. Please see our other items on Etsy or visit or website to view all we have to offer. www.themerchantscollection.com Thank you! 48″ Hand-Carved Moai | Natural Greenstone