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1880/1890’s, Zanesville Stoneware Co, Arts & Crafts, Bowl, Blue, Glazed, Pottery, Antique, Collectible


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Zanesville Stoneware Co., [aka ZSC], was one of the oldest pottery companies in North America. It was located in Zanesville, Ohio, along with approximately 31 other pottery companies in that same geographic area. in 1874 the Ohio Encaustic Tile Co. was formed, however, this company was later purchased by E.G. Bowen & Co., which then reorganized to become the Zanesville Stoneware Co. ZSC was destroyed by a fire in 1990 & relocated to a neighboring area, however, it is apparently no longer in business. ZSC is a great pottery to collect because much of it is still affordable. The reason it is affordable is because a lot of it was not marked, so only experienced collectors know what to look for. However, once you know what to look for you will be hooked on this pottery. Why? Because it is very versatile & can fit into just about any type of décor including modern or primitive. It is heavy, durable, functional, & beautiful pottery that can be used indoors or out. The shapes are simplistic, but charming & range in size from huge to about 4 inches. ZSC stoneware came in matte green, lavendar, blue, yellow, oyster, burgandy, aqua, & some blended & art glazes. Early stoneware pieces included jugs, crocks, chamber pots; poultry feeders; wash pitchers & bowls; spittoons, butter churns, roasters, bread bowls, fruit jars, dog bowls, atomizers, umbrella stands, etc. Massive hand turned stoneware oil & sand jars were made for the garden & for hotel lobbies, theatres, & office buildings. ZSC even produced a dinnerware line called Country Fare from the 1940's to the 1960's; a line that is very popular even today! ZSC also produced vases, flower frogs, bird baths, strawberry pots, novelties, & jardinaires. The clay on ZSC pottery comes off as a yellow buff color. You will likely see some of the yellow peeking through the glaze, or it will be apparent on the bottom. Some bottoms were glazed, some not, but you will see the yellowish clay 99% of the time. Most ZSC has pinpops, glaze misses, & runny glaze. Art pottery lines include: Matte Green, Neptune, (deep green w/copper); Vulcan; Ebonello; Zasko; Verdantone; Montrose, (see reference book listed at bottom for more info). Backstamps used on ZSC include incised stamp marks, raised marks, hand incised marks, circular stamp marks, block letter & number marks, & paper labels. For instance, a piece might be marked: Zasko, Country Fare, Pickrull, Wally Frank, ZSC, or with various florist stamps since ZSC was also made for florist shops, or no markings at all which is even more typical. This piece, done in the typical Arts & Crafts style, & dating to the 1880's/1890's. It measures 6-1/8″ OD x 2-1/4″ in height. I've held onto this piece (Probably my favorite piece of pottery), for better than 20 years. How did I come by it? Having spent every weekend out “yardsaling”, I believe that's wher it came from. 1880/1890's, Zanesville Stoneware Co, Arts & Crafts, Bowl, Blue, Glazed, Pottery, Antique, Collectible