In today’s video I’m going to show you a mini home décor Wal-Mart haul and some footage inside of Wal-Mart. I saw some really cute home décor items, spring outdoor gardening décor, indoor plants, and a nice selection of flowering and fruit trees just in time for spring. Wal-Mart has really stepped up their game in the last year in the house ware and home décor department. There stuff is getting just as cute and trendy as Target’s home décor collection. And the prices are almost ½ of what they are at Target. I found these awesome 13 by 13 collapsible basket weave storage/organizing bins from the better home and garden collection for my cube storage shelf. I got 3 of them and they were only $9.96 each. I will link the product down below. I also bought small spear point ivy plant for my hanging basket. I also picked up a metal plant stand from the better home and gardens collection for only $9.88. I put the $2.00 thrifted basket on top of the plant stand. It has my avocado tree inside of it. I want to paint the bottom of the basket white. Yes like those trendy Boho/farmhouse inspired ones.Please vote on what option looks the best, A, B, or C! Stay tuned for a future video I will show what I ended up doing to this thrift store basket in makeover DIY video.


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