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How to make a cool Glow in the dark coat rack with Lichtenberg figure pwood burning, turned out really well for my first attempt at glow in the dark furniture. A great DIY project using an old microwave and some glow in the dark powder from ebay, really cheap, gives stunning results.
Pictures here –

This was a sawmill off cut that came from the local sawmil, usually thrown to one side as firewood fodder if anyone can be bothered to cut it up. My daughters boyfriend has on occasion worked at the sawmill and bought round a few pieces for me. Hes a good hard working young man who seems to be doing it right.
Stripped off and planed the bark, attached electrodes and applied a solution of baking powder and water for a conductor, the wood was fairly dry and needed quite a few applications. This is the dangerous bit, always switch off AND unplug when you are reapplying the solution so that you dont end up burning your dick off.
Once it was all burnt and cleaned up i mixed up some glow in the dark powder. The resin i had lying around for a long time, ill find the can and manufacturer but ive checked and i dont think they do it anymore, the can must be ten years old. I also screwed up a bit, i mixed 10g of powder with about 50ml of resin maybe more, i redid the scene in the video so it shows 10g per 10ml which is what the retailer advised.
Link to where i got it from here, and tell them Bongo sent you 🙂 they might send me some free samples or something 🙂

After filling, back to more sanding and then eventually finishing with teak oil. Its quite a matt finish and i reckon that Briwax clear would give it a good finish after that.

Important note, the finish must be non uv blocking or the powder wont absorb uv rays so then wont glow afterwards. Same goes with the resin.

Many thanks for watching, please rate and comment, make suggestions

And as usual many thanks go to MachinimaSound and Jens Kiilstofte

Music used: Broken Circuitry by Jens Kiilstofte

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International


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