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The Rescue and Resurface Painted Paper Kitchen Countertop systems is perfect for kitchen and bath countertops and backsplashes, table tops, bar tops and backsplashes and even furniture tops. The simple to use resurfacing system is environmentally friendly because you do not have to remove old countertops and fill landfills. It is a very affordable system that covers over existing countertops and backsplashes from laminate, wood, cement, drywall and almost any smoother surface.

Do It Yourself Kitchen / Bathroom Countertop Ideas

The results are beyond that of just a granite, quartz, marble or stone as the soft overlapping of the paper and the many different nuances of the hand painted paper give it a very designer and fashionable look that is durable and long lasting. It creates a water and stain repellent surface with the revolutionary, industrial strength urethane that is tough and handles most household cleaner. Painted Paper is one of the “Best Kitchen Design Products of 2016”

Do It Yourself Granite Countertop Alternatives

Now you can get the beautiful mirror finish look of granite with the quality paper countertops products at Tainted to Repainted Paper Countertops. Actual granite is not only heavy, but any granite slabs that have to be cut to the shapes of your kitchen countertops are cumbersome, and the cuts make a mess.
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Kitchen Designs | DIY Kitchen Remodel Ideas | Best Kitchen Designs 2016


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