A terrarium is a beautiful project to make and to take care of but if you are ambitious you might want to make the ultimate terrarium. And this doesn't come down to gardening skills. It comes down to a little bit of thought and a lot of creativity. Here are some great ideas for making your terrarium into the ultimate terrarium.


The Theme is King

The most appealing thing you can do with a terrarium is to make it theme based. People will very much enjoy a terrarium if it has a very recognizable theme. And this will further your creativity because it will force you to really think about what you are going to put in it other than the plants.

Some themes to consider:

Desert Theme: This is a popular theme for a terrarium because it looks very exotic with cactus, colorful sand, a variety of stones and even a lizard or two.

Carnivorous theme: Carnivorous plants like Pitcher plants or Venus fly traps are very appealing because they have an exotic look.

Jungle theme: This is a very lush and attractive theme and to look good it will be a very dense collection of exotic and colorful plants.

Tell a Story with your Terrarium

This is a technique that is very effective in making your terrarium special. You tell a story with your terrarium by adding small figurines such as faeries, dragons, knights or princesses. Try to think of a frozen moment in time like the moment before a knight will discover the lair of a dragon. Or the moment before someone will throw a coin into a wishing well.

Building and adding those extras that really make it special

This is where you can get really creative with your terrarium and if you have chosen a theme or a story you can really fulfill your terrariums vision with extras like a miniature waterfall, an underground lair, a rock cave, a small pond with goldfish, or even electric lights or a working windmill.

Think about the enclosure for your terrarium

One of the most dramatic ways to make your terrarium appealing is to build it inside a unique or beautiful container. This can be anything from a distinctly shaped wine bottle to a fish tank or almost anything at all. I once saw a terrarium that was made inside an old television. All the internal parts were taken out and a glass front was put on it. It looked amazing.

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A basic terrarium with an assortment of plants is a very pleasant project to work on but if you put a little bit of creative thought into your terrarium making you can make something that really stands out and makes people say wow!

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