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You need beautiful furniture for the garden? Have some hobby tool? It is very easy to make, and I'll show you how to make furniture from the picture.

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What you need is:
48 woodlogs and 21 woodlogs cut in half

They must be at least 23.6 inch (60cm) long to be able to cut the ends on the length that we need.

I buy woodlogs at the factory that produces boxes for fruit. They use the rest of the wood and this woodlogs send to the chipper. So this material is not expensive.

When you have completed everything it is desirable to do one thing before painting. Find the product for wood protection based on soybean oil or something similar, apply single layer and allow to dry for 24 hours. It is not big and expensive job, but at the end it will increase brightness of wood.

At the end I painted wood in darker color, brought together all the elements and after that used extra layer of varnish for wood.

You can also make coffee table from the same wood. Or make some baranch furniturte on this way.
If you put big angle of Backrest you will get outdoor sofa comfortable like patio chair or DIY fur chair.
You can also use simple wood slice to get this garden furniture set.
I think that this is good decoration ideas for your garden, and it will be interesting DIY furniture project people for who love to do it yourself.
It can also be a good DIY room decor, not just otdoor sofa.
Reminders a lot on pallet furniture, and also can be modern furniture of modern couch.
I hope that my wideo of how to make rustic wooden fruniture will help you to make this wooden furniture from wood logs. Stool. Bench.

Whell who like DIY craft or DIY wood project can very easily make this DIY woodworking project.

Work carefully and slowly. Woodwork requires love and precision.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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