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DIY Projects Made Easy! How to make bookshelf with DIY PETE. This is a collaboration with DIY PETE and Paul Churchill from the Recovery Elevator Podcast. DIY projects are a great hobby for anyone. Paul reached out to let us know about the benefits of DIY projects for people struggling with alcoholism. Projects keep your mind on other things, are challenging, and they relieve stress. If you know somebody struggling with alcoholism, I'd highly recommend having them listen to Paul's Podcast here:

For more info, project photos, and downloadable plans check out:

Download Plans:

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*Tools Needed:
Circular Saw –
OR Miter Saw (optional) –
Power Drill –
Orbital Sander –

*Supplies Needed
Gorilla Wood Glue –
Minwax Espresso Stain –
Minwax Polyurethane –
3” Wood Screws –

Approximate Total Cost: $60
This Simple Bookshelf can be made for approximately $60 in materials cost. This is the cost for the wood, wood finish, screws, and other basic supplies. *Note: This doesn’t include smaller things you may already have around the shop, including: glue, sandpaper, etc.

Cut the Boards
We'll start this project by marking and making cuts for the different bookshelf pieces. Refer to the cut list in the free plans for the dimensions. You’ll end up using nearly all of the four 2x10s that you purchased. I’d recommend cutting with a circular saw or miter saw. Once all of your cuts are made, we’ll prepare for assembling it.

Sand the Boards
Now that you’ve cut all of the boards to size, we can spend some time sanding all of the different bookshelf pieces. We will end up doing a final sand down before staining and finishing the bookshelf, so just a rough sanding works for now. Focus on cleaning the edges and any cut marks, splintering, as well as sanding off any lumber marks…more at

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