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Table saw plans:
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Part 1 How to use:
Homemade Table Saw Stand Part 3
In this video i'll show you how to make a modular base Workstation

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Wood / Materials
– Plywood
– Trim
¼ T- Nuts and Screws
– 6/32 T-Nuts and Screws
– Pocket hole Screws
– Wood Glue
– Wood filler
– Danish oil

– Switched out let
– 1 foot power cord
– 14 gauge wire Or you can use a 15 amp extension cord
– Receptacle
– Plastic junction box Shallow
– Light switch
– Wall plate
– Cable staple
– Male Connector
– Velcro Straps

Tools Needed
– Circular saw
– Trim Router
– Jig Saw
– Rounder over bit
– Counter sink
– Electric orbital Sander
– Awl
– Pocket hole jig

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