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Her Yoga Secrets Discount:

Hey ladies,

This review is for you. In this video I review the Yoga Burn or Her Yoga Secrets course. It is apparently both a digital product and available as a physical product where they ship you the DVDs.

I just got the digital series because it gave me instant access. I really like that you can just download the entire video series or audio series to your local device. It's great that you can just put the audio on your MP3 player/iPod/phone etc and listen to the Zoe Bray Cotton walk you through the yoga exercises as you're doing them.

The exercises are provided in a video series that puts them in a progressive sequence. This progressive sequence means that everything is built upon the fundamental exercises that are considered the building blocks of all yoga sequences. They provide a dynamic journey to getting a flat belly through the power of yoga.

The exercises are not only good for your physical health. They also impact your mental health as it relieves stress. That is where the bonus video comes in. It is a 15-minute video that discusses Tranquility Flow and it is probably the favorite video of most people who are in the Yoga Burn course.

There are three main phases of the program. They are:

The Foundational Flow: learn the basic yoga exercises that make up the foundation for all yoga sequences.
The Transitional Flow: start to transition into more complex combinations.
The Mastery Flow: begin to master fluid combinations of all yoga exercises that begin to ignite your metabolism, build muscle, and melt away fat.

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