Here's a craft you can make on any holiday, for any occasion. Today is St. Patrick's Day, so we're crafting with pots of gold in our hearts and hopeful futures! Paige and Aubrey make an easy holiday craft with minimal materials. Introducing….drum roll…..pipe cleaner headbands! You can make Valentine's Day headbands, St. Patrick's Day headbands, palm tree headbands, Birthday headbands, New Years headbands, and everything in between. The possibilities are endless. For men and women alike, this craft is fun for the whole family, kids too (minus the green beer). Pour yourself a glass of green beer (or champagne), and let's have some pipe cleaner crafting fun!

Crafting Materials:
-Green Beer
-Pipe Cleaners

That's it, it's super easy and super fun. Have a very lucky St. Patrick's Day and leave comments below. What do you want to see us craft next week on Crafting Under The Influence?


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