Hi fellas! I have been requested in my earlier videos to make a Tumblr encouraged home decor so in this video I will display you some strategies for your home so it can search like all those Tumblr shots.

One of the points I seen on Tumblr shots is that the beds generally search really comfy with all all those pillows so I'll display you a Do it yourself pillow idea. You will will need: a pillow, adhesive paper and spray paint.

The first issue you will need to do is make a paper snowflake with the adhesive paper. For that fold the paper in half and in half yet again. And then in thirds as I am executing in the video. Cut the excess so it sorts a triangle and draw your style and design.

You can discover tons of paper snowflake models on Google. Some illustrations right here:


Then reduce it out and unfold.

Stick the paper on the centre of the pillow and acquire it to a ventilated spot to spray paint it. I use a product coloration first and then neon pink.

Lastly take out the paper to reveal your style and design!

Almost just about every Tumblr home has a quotation and tons of shots. Very first acquire a journal and reduce the pages with huge colourful shots. Then, choose your quotation, create it in a Word Business document and make the font measurement huge (The font I am using is “Chocolate protected raindrops”). Use the personal computer light to outline the condition of the letters on the journal pages and then reduce them out. Put some double facet tape on the again of the letters and adhere them to your wall.

For the shots I edit some of them with:


Then I print them and reduce them. I also experienced some Polaroid shots from a earlier Do it yourself. Then I adhere them to my wall the same way I did with the journal letters.

Get imaginative in this part and make your personal image wall style and design!

Other issue that just about every Tumblr home has are some fairy lights so I spot them above my mattress. I purchased this lights from eBay (They cost me all-around four$).

I also put the dream catcher that I did in just one of my earlier videos as several Tumblr shots have them. Look at the tutorial right here:

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=QcNjYxdmEaA&listing=UUNr08sWtMdL22u5SdyEf13w

So thank you so much for requesting this video, it was really fun to make and I hope it could encourage you with your home decor. Thumbs up this video if you liked it, subscribe if you have not currently and I'll converse to you in my up coming video.

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