Hey there, YouTube! Can you believe the holidays are almost here? It's the time of year to think about someone other than ourselves, so today we've got a killer DIY craft idea: DIY scented candles. It's a great gift for everyone from your baby nephew who's learning to walk to your pyromaniac grandmother. Everybody loves scented candles.

Materials (in no particular order):
-Cuba Libre (go here to learn more about this FAB beverage: http://cubalibre-usa.com/)
-Glass containers that would make good candle holders for scented candles
-Anything you'd like to decorate your glasses (we use paint pens and fabric)
-Paraffin wax from your local craft store
-Wicky wicky wicks
-Scents to make your candles scented (today we use cinnamon scent so we can fill the air with Christmas)
-Cosplay costumes
-Double Boiler
-Chopstick to wrap the wick around

All of our friends will be getting scented candles for the holidays this year. Tough fresh baked chocolate cookies, kids!


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