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This raised garden bed with privacy wall is a project that solved a number of problems in my backyard.
-the raised bed provides a lot of growing space where I can control the soil and watering
-the privacy wall blocks out the neighbour's view of my yard, and provides wind protection for the plants
-the privacy wall provides lots of opportunities to display garden art and provides protection and support for an espaliered apple tree

This video gives an overview of how I built this project. There are more details on the post at Empress of Dirt:

In the video I also mention how to deal with a fear of power tools so that you can make all the stuff you want without depending on someone else to do all that work for you. If you want to read more about this, see this pep talk:

It's very helpful to know what it is you specifically fear so you can address it. Often the fear is of the unknown. Learning to operate power tools safely and properly, and troubleshoot any problems, is an excellent way to gain confidence.

I never feared the tools but always hated the noise. When I finally got good ear protection, it became really enjoyable to work in the shop building stuff.

The gear shown in this video:
Steel toe boots:
Safety glasses:
Work gloves:
Ear protectors:
Compound Miter Saw:

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