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DIY RAINBOW ZEN GARDEN!! Relaxing Crafting Tutorial with Crystal Slime Pool, Holo Moon & MORE! 

DIY RAINBOW ZEN GARDEN!! Relaxing Crafting Tutorial with Crystal Slime Pool, Holo Moon & MORE!

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DIY zen gardens are surprisingly entertaining to make! Similar to dollhouse tutorials, they contain many smaller projects wrapped into one theme. You can also make them as easy or as complicated as you like. Everything in this video is suitable for beginners and you'll get a really adorable rainbow fantasy land. I recommend using a small gift box lid as the base since this uses less sand and you can refill the garden more often. This is a really good DIY for stress or anxiety relief. And of course, you don't have to make EVERYTHING. If you collect squishies, dolls or figurines then you can create a small garden for your existing toys.

♥ DIY Craft Shopping Links ♥
Colorful Craft Sand:
Chinchilla/Hamster Sand: (Use paint, food coloring or pigments to add colour)
White Felt Fabric:
Air Dry Clay:
White Glue:
Shaving Cream:
Clear Slime Cups (4 or 5.5oz) :
Daiso Clay:

♥ How to Make Clear Slime Tutorials ♥
(Glue) Speedy Clear Slime:
(No Glue) DIY Face Mask Slime:
(No Glue) DIY Giant Clear Powder Slime:
(Glue) DIY Crystal Slime:
(Glue) 5 MORE Amazing Instagram Slimes (ASMR):
(Glue) 40 DIY Slime Hacks:
(Glue) DIY INSTANT Clear Slime:

♥ DIY Flower Tutorials ♥
1-Minute Clay Flower:
Snapchat Flower Crown:

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