This week we DIY a project (DIY pallet coasters) that takes way too long to complete. Paige almost gives up. Aubrey has confidence they will make it to the finish line. What happens? That's all to be determined on this episode of Crafting Under The Influence.

If you're motivated to make one of these adorable DIY pallet coasters, you must have a lot of patience, a hacksaw, and a friend to talk you off a ledge. The wood glue has a silly name that puts Aubrey in stitches every time. Real mature, Aubrey.

Here's the link to the project that inspired us:
HOWEVER, we made up our own rules (because free will) and we used craft sticks aka popsicle sticks instead of the wooden dowels. Somehow Paige had a huge bag of those things just laying around…and clamps, too.

-Wood Glue (Titebond II)
-Craft Sticks (aka popsicle sticks)
-Damp paper towel to wipe excess wood glue

-Champagne mixed with a delicious lemonade/iced tea concoction (we call it our crafty brunch elixir)

Cheers to protecting your precious Ikea furniture!


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