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Hands up if you also spent the entire holidays playing the insanely kawaii and addictive game that is Neko Atsume – Kitty Collector (ねこあつめ) :D!! If you haven't, then click the link above and download asap. It's entirely free and doesn't contain ads. After the first day of playing this, I knew I had to make a DIY for it. Peaches and Tubbs are my two favourites, leave a comment with YOUR FAVOURITE CAT below :3!!

The in-game assets have a very cute 2D look so I decided to use foam to create a relief version of the game art. This is easier than making a fully 3D piece because you can use the original artwork as a template. The foam helps you maintain the smaller details would would be almost impossible to make using only wool. If you link your Neko Atsume game with Twitter then you can post the close-up cat photos from your album online. I did this and simply copied the artwork into Photoshop to remove the background and enlarged it to use as a template. This way, you can make virtually every cat or item from the game ^.^

Difficulty: MEDIUM
Arworkt Template:
Felting needles & mat:
3-Needle Felting Pen:
Needlefelting Eyes (6mm):
Felting Wool:
Melamine Foam:
White craft glue –
Kitten Trio Kit (easier cat project for beginners):

ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” and basically means those quiet Youtube videos that are relaxing to listen to. Other channels that are great for kawaii ASMR are Mosogourmet, Bonobos25 and Cho's Daily Cook.

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Camera – Sony A6000 –
Tripod – Joby Gorillapod –
Light – 65W Ring Light –
Software: Final Cut Pro

Music is in-game song from Neko Atsume © Hit-Point Co., Ltd.
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This is not a sponsored video

Happy New Year everyone and hope you enjoyed this NekoAtsume DIY! I've been playing Neko Atsume for weeks and still don't have all the cats yet. I noticed how popular Neko Atsume was on Instagram so I dedicate this first DIY of 2016 to all the Neko Atsume fans :3. I originally wanted to make many more cats from Neko Atsume, as shown on the template, but it ended up taking so longer than I expected that I decided to stay with Peaches and Tubbs, my two favourites ^^. You can customise this project for any cat from Neko Atsume simply by changing the fur/wool colours.


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