DIY Kitchen Countertop Makeover With Contact Paper (HD)

I wanted to change my countertop but because I rent, there wasn't to many option. I had to make sure whatever I put, came off without damaging (even though they were already somewhat damaged) the existing countertops. I also had to keep it on a budget. Contact Paper is a great alternative. DO NOT PUT HOT POTS OR PANS ON IT. DO NOT CUT DIRECTLY ON SURFACE! It only takes 2 seconds to grab a cutting board. 🙂
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comment section below and if you recreate any of my DIY's Please tag me on Instagram or Twitter so I can see them.. you can find my links at the the bottom of this description box.

UPDATE: It's been two months and it still looks great! I have had water, juice and other stuff spill on it and nothing has happened to it. It is also very easy to clean. No lifting at corners or anywhere! The only thing left is to see if it comes off as easy as it clams it does but that will have to wait until I move or get bored with it. I will update when either one happens. 🙂

Update Video Removal Results:

This video was inspired by MoniqueNelson

Items I used
1.) I bought Contact brand, Black & White Marble contact paper. I had a small counter so only used one roll and almost didn't have enough so make sure to measure your countertop first!
I bought mine from a seller on Amazon but they no longer carry it. If you Google “Contact Brand Marble Contact Paper” you'll find some.
2.) Utility Knife
3.) Card
4.) Scissors

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