Here is the video DIY grow bags for balcony vegetable gardening.

I think shallow pool grow bag gardens are ideal for balconies and roof tops too if they can be made lightweight. Here is my idea for making free DIY lightweight gardens. I say free as the plastic bottles and plastic bags can be recycled materials, you will only need small strips of scrap wood or PVC to make the shallow frames for the pools.
I hope this idea works and it spreads so people everywhere that have flat roofs and permission and access to them can grow some of their own food for free.

Please check out my other videos, I have over 200, I list some of the garden related ones below. I try to add more videos every week and I try to have videos that are not commonly done on youtube..

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Balcony vegetable gardening with grow bags made from landscape cloth and glue gun

balcony vegetable garden experiment update

update #2 Make free DIY self watering grow bag for vegetable gardening

Thanks for watching, I add more videos every week. if you make and share videos too let me know about them.

All photos are mine or were used with permission via Creative Commons- attributions as follows

Plastic bottles_Gabi

Bottled Plants

Water Pollution with Trash Disposal of Waste at the Garbage Beach

Plastic Water Bottles May 20, 20108

Roof tops

Roof-top graf

comer roof top garden

Roof Tops

Roof tops




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