DIY: Fashion {Earcuff, Bodycon Skirt, Bralette, and Rings!}
Thumbs up if you enjoy this series and comment down below on ideas related to this series!!! Thanks so much for watching!

Sorry I've been gone for so long but I'll make sure to post another video this week!!

Frequently Requested Videos
Room Tour:
School Morning Routine:
What's in my Backpack:

Q: How old are you?
A: 16! 

Q: What camera do you use?
A: Canon 70D (iPhone 5 for vlogs)

Q: What video editor do you use?
A: Final Cut Pro x

Q: Do live in Korea? Are you Korean? From Korea?
Yes, yes, and yes.

Q: If you live in Korea, how do you speak english so well?
A: I've gone to an international school since preschool!

Q: How tall are you?
A: 162 cm!

Q: Room tour?
A: I will at 10k!
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