Do you miss the island? the beach? do you wish you were still there instead of the dark office? me too..
There is a way to bring the aesthetic of the beach in your home though and in this video I'm showing you a couple of ideas!!

Where you can find me..





In this video I'm making a couple of crafts using drift wood I picked up from the beach!

because just realized this summer is slowly coming to an end and I had to make something that reminded me of its sunny days..
Plus It is a great way to reuse all those jars in my kitchen drawer..

drift wood is very light weight, so don't be afraid to pack some in your suitcase to take back home from your holiday!

*I kept those in my balcony so painting them over wasn't necesary.
but if you want a more hygienic version try a mat sray paint in clear color, a single coat will do. Other options are to boil it, but for more info on those methods please google search!

the song is called: “towards the open sea” – Bruce Maginnis, Kate Henshaw

*this is not a sponsored video neither I do this professionally.


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