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Note: Yes I will make a quick tut on the body chain on the mannequin. My tumbler has a re-blog on a few body chain links. Give it a look and get inspired!

There is something so chic and cute about a collar popped on top of a pretty blouse. In this video I will show you how to create a detachable collar completely from scratch and leaving you with a nice finish.

How to Pattern A Collar:

The finished collar measurement from B-C is about 2 inches longer than my neck measurement. That's why the fit is a big loose. The intro collar is made where line A-B is 5 inches wide making the collar thicker. It's amazing how just a few inches changes the way a collar looks right?

Fabric: Silk Dupioni, bought from a local fabric store.
Rotary Cutter: Joann Fabrics
Hook and Eyes: Joann Fabrics

Music By Jay Loftus-Edge of Glory:

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