How to connect Google Pixel (XL) to Wi-Fi

On the first day that I received the Google Pixel XL, I discovered that I was unable to connect it to my University’s 802.1xEAP secure Wi-Fi network. I tried every “classic” android-type maneuver that I could: powering the phone on/off, turning on/off the Wi-Fi, trying to manually enter the Wi-Fi details. But, NOTHING WORKED!

Then, I decided to call the University’s IT department and the Verizon Customer Service line, hoping that one of them would provide me with a quick fix. Alas, both were as helpful and polite as could be, but the University mentioned that Google phones are notorious for having connection issues on campus, and Verizon went as far as suggesting that I swap phones (after 30 minutes of troubleshooting).

Finally, I did what any self-respecting college student would do when they desperately want something to work… I turned to the internet.



And, now I present to you… the “Quick Fix”.

Step #1 Click on the button titled, “Settings” in your main list of Apps.



Step #2 Click on the “Wi-Fi” button under Wireless & Networks. If you haven’t connected to a Wi-Fi service yet, there probably won’t be a name underneath it (as there is in this picture). 



Step #3 Click on the Wi-Fi network that you want to connect to. Here, I’m connecting to “FSUSecure”.



Step #4 Make sure that your Wi-Fi information is correct including: the EAP method, Phase 2 Authentication, CA certificate, Identity, and Password. As you can see in this picture, the “connect” button at the bottom will not allow you to select it. Even with the identity and password information filled out, it will not light up.



Step #5 THE IMPORTANT PART!!! Normally, the “CA certificate” will automatically set itself to “Please Select”, and most Wi-Fi network settings/phones don’t require you to change it. However, I’m telling you to manually select “Do not validate” to connect to the previously inaccessible network. Once you do this, the previous un-highlighted/unclickable “Connect” button at the button should light up.



I hope this article provided you with the information that you were searching for, and allowed you to connect to the Wi-Fi network you wanted to. I can say that after I figured out this “work around”, the Google Pixel (XL) hasn’t had any further Wi-Fi issues, and I’m looking forward to learning more about the phone overall.