Choosing the Right Mosaic Tile Patterns

Mosaic tile patterns come in many sizes and colors and offer a wide variety of looks to match different color schemes and decor. It works in NYC Apartments and luxurious estates in Beverly Hills. However not all mosaic tile is the same.

Mosaic Tile PatternsSome styles and designs work in better in specific applications than others. If you are tiling an area that often gets wet or damp, you'll want to pay attention to the material and surface treatment for best results around showers, bathroom floors, back splashes, and pool areas. If you are working in a room with both damp and dry areas, you may want to select different types of tiles for the different conditions.If you are hiring a contractor make sure the tiles you select are the right ones. If you are choosing the tiles yourself and are unsure of the tiles characteristics, ask the manufacturer or supplier before making the purchase.

Some tile absorbs more water than others. If a tile absorbs a higher level of water it is labeled ‘non-vitreous' and is not recommended for kitchen or bathroom counter-tops, shower walls, or other areas that are frequently saturated with water. If non-vitreous tiles are used in a wet area, water might slowly seep behind it and rot the wall. Dangerous mold and mildew may also occur.

‘Semi-vitreous' tile is less absorbent then non-vitreous tiles, but it will still absorb some water. This less absorbent variety may be used for back splashes and areas that are sometimes wet, it is not recommended around showers or pools.

High density glazed mosaic tiles are often the best choice for baths, showers and other walls and floors that may be saturated with water. Although some varieties of marble are vitreous, thus non-porous, they can be easily be scratched. If you like the look of marble in the bathroom, consider using it on the walls and find a complimentary tile choice for the floor. Granite, one of the hardest stones used for mosaic tiles, is an excellent alternative to marble for bathrooms. Choose the honed mosaic granite tiles for best results. If you really love the look and color of mosaic patterns that are made of semi-vitreous tile, and you are planning on using it in a wet area, ask about sealing techniques and the maintenance required to make it work.

Here's a quick review:

* Nonvirtreous tile absorbs a higher level of water.

* Semivitreous tile absorbs some water but less then nonvirtreous.

* Virtreuous and High density glazed tile is the least absorbent.

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