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Our energy is so distracted, scattered and fragmented that often we experience insomnia, feel exhausted, burned out, anxious and depleted. In this chakra yin yoga class we will tonify yin at each chakra to build and fortify yin. Instead of searching desperately for energy outside of ourselves this yin yoga class tonifies yin at the level of each chakra to rebuild the vital energy and fortify chi from the inside out.

Yin yoga works with the deepest layers of our body, the connective tissues that wrap around the joints and the bones and the subtle energetic body known as the meridians. Instead of rushing around on the surface of our lives, yin yoga asks us to slow down, be still, soften and move deeply into the more dense parts of our bodies. Experiencing the depth of energy that is possible from the inner world allows for balanced and flowing chi.

Chakra Yin Yoga with Yin Tonification Sequence: Toe Stand, Squat, Keyhole, Reclined Twist, Heart Melting Pose, Neck Releases, Child's Pose, Seated Meditation

Props Needed:
Yoga Mat, 2 blankets, Bolster, Meditation Cushion, 2 blocks, Yoga Strap, Eye Pillow, Wall

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To embody the principles of yin in a deep way, join our membership community. In November we will be focusing on the principles of yin.

Get to know Yin Yoga in this 5 day series of full length, full body beginner yin yoga classes will introduce you to the principles of yin yoga, the philosophy of yin yoga, why we work with our connective tissues, ligaments and joints, and how yin yoga affects your meridians, energy and mindfulness. I will also include a bonus class that will review the principles of yin yoga in a shorter 35 minute yin yoga class.


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