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Brian flat 3 Week Diet meal Plan Review Three Week Diet plan

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if you want to know about the brian flatt 3 week diet meal plan you can just watch my video brian flatt 3 week diet meal plan review three week diet plan .
The four powerful phases of the diet :
Phase 1: Lasts for seven days.
This a part of the set up is supposed to detoxify the body and assist you slim like it’s required “yesterday” as Brian says. 5-10 pounds is what the expectation is here.
The first day you’ll be ingestion four meals, 3-4 hours apart and that they area unit solely planning to be vegetables. It’s tough, however it’s solely planning to be for at some point.
The next three days you’ll add macromolecule foods into the diet and alternate them, ingestion a pair of meals out of the four with macromolecule and therefore the alternative a pair of are simply vegetable.
The last three days of the diet can involve adding proteins to all or any four meals which implies no additional alternating. each meal you eat are mixed.

Phase 2: Lasts only one day
You’re planning to be abstinence on day eight. to form this easier to take care of, Brian recommends having your last meal at nighttime, thus you'll sleep through an oversized portion of the quick and eat consequent night.

Phase three: Lasts 3 days
This part is that the one that interested Maine most. You’re planning to be ingestion a high fat/low calorie/low carb diet and ironically with what Brian explains and therefore the studies he cites, you're truly planning to lose plenty of weight.
You are told to eat anyplace from one,200 calories (women) and one,500 (men) each day during which eightieth of it consists of fat. you're allowed to feature something to your food that adds fat. Mayonnaise, avacado, bacon, eggs. this is often all allowed.
Phase 4: Lasts till day twenty one (9 days)
This is the best a part of the diet. All it very focuses on is simply ingestion beneath your basal metabolic rate on a routine. There area unit completely different “aggression levels” throughout this part with aggression being what proportion weight you wish to lose.
Depending on what proportion weight you wish to stay losing, you’ll eat beneath your basal metabolic rate anyplace from 15%-30% which means if your basal metabolic rate was a pair of,000 calories each day, V-day would mean you may eat only one,700/day.
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