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“Hi Sandman, I would like you to comment on bossy female small business owners and maybe shed some light on how to deal with these women. The reason I ask is because I have been a yoga teacher for a few years and have dealt with plenty of female managers and it always seems to become problematic. For example, a year ago I auditioned for a small yoga studio and the female owner claimed that she loved my class. She even said that she had no problem with me not playing music which is something that managers usually don't like (though it doesn't stop them from hiring me). Personal I hate going to yoga and listening to crappy hipster music or Cold Play so I have always refused to play music and it is rarely ever a problem with students. Things went well for the first two months but then she started constantly nagging me to play music. No one in my classes complained about me not playing music and my class sizes were the same as the other teachers, so I told her no probably a good 20 times. She would make comments like, “A lot of people are complaining that you don't play music.” But when I asked her how many, when did they complain, or who complained she could never come up with an answer i.e. she was lying about the complaints because she wanted me to obey her. Eventually she refused to let me sub or give me more classes among the many other things she did to shit on my classes so my attendance wouldn't build. Eventually I was fired through an e-mail (classy right?) for something as dumb as not playing music and defying her. And this is not the only time this has happened. At risk of making this far too long I will instead just instead say that I have worked for many female managers and they always try to boss me around and tell me how to teach and for some reason they wonder why I don't listen to them particularly when their teaching is lackluster at best and they have very low class attendance. The only good female teacher I have ever had the opportunity to work for made a ridiculous claim and said she wouldn't hire me unless I quit all my other yoga jobs which would bankrupt me because she only offered me 5 hours of work per week. So Sandman I leave it to you please discuss how to deal with female bossiness in respects to small businesses or business in general which for me is pretty much unavoidable right now. The only escape from female managers I have come up with is to create my own YouTube channel. Please link my channel, Yoga Burn, for those who interested. I do intense yoga workout videos that can be done by any skill level. I also make videos showing people how to be healthy without spending a ton of money which is an attempt to boost people's self-reliance.

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