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Ryan Henderson’s MyShedPlans Review- An Honest and Complete Guide

If you are a craft lover and like to do your chores on your own, this article is for you. You have indeed played with Lego-set from your childhood. A shed plan is a lot like that Lego-set, but it is for real-life constructions. A shed plan is a set of instructions to build a shed over your houses or backyard garden room.

There are many shed plans available on the internet; it is tough for beginners to choose from them and identify an authentic shed plan to build a shed on their own. In this situation, Ryan’s My Shed Plans can be a perfect choice, and we are going through in detail MyShedPlans Review throughout this article.

Digital Shed Plans
Digital Shed Plans

What Is My Shed Plans?

My Shed Plans is a combination of 12000 plans to build a shed by an expert woodworker named Ryan Henderson. Especially for wood-based construction and craft projects. Building a shed for your house or just for a porch in your property’s backyard, you can just follow Ryan’s Shed plan.

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There will be no expert woodworker needed to cost you too much cash, neither you have to pay for a ready-made shed if you can make your shed. For that, you do not have to be an expert. Ryan has perfect plans for beginners on his websites where you will get Ryan shed plans pdf free. You can quickly build a shed by yourself just by following Ryan’s step-by-step instructions.


My Shed Plans Review: Features

Design and style:

The most attractive feature of Ryan’s shed plans is that there are 12000 designs and styles of shed planning and construction guides. With these huge collections of designs and style, you may find just the right one you are looking for, whether for your large house or just a shed for the backyard storeroom or a fancy garden shed.

Roofs of any type:

These include horizontal roof, pyramid roof, pent roof, gable roof, etc. types and not to mention, of course, it can be of any size. You might also find a design of a shed to build a small house for your pet dogs. It also includes plans for storage sheds, end tables, birdhouses, rocking horses, etc.

Resources List:

Ryan’s shed plans include many different styles and designs and a list of the exact complete materials needed to construct the different sheds. In Ryan’s plans, he carefully mentioned the precise name of the materials and the accurate use of the materials in different shed plans. He provides free 10×12 shed plans and materials list to any size. Thus, you would know just what to buy, and you would not need to buy any extra things and waste money.

Step-by-Step Directions:

In most other shed plans, the instructions and directions are scattered. You will not get your constructed shed built right, even if you follow the instructions. This is because any professional woodworkers do not write the instructions. But in Ryan’s shed plans, it is assumed that this shed plan is accurate and written by an expert. Following the instructions step by step would give you your desired result, which will be a perfect shed for you.

Tips on Woodworking:

Ryan Henderson is an experienced and professional woodworker. He wrote his ‘My Shed Plans’ from his experience, not like a ghostwriter who does not have any experiences. So, he can give real tips or hacks to build a shed. His suggestions are accurately correct. By following the tips, you will easily become an expert in constructing sheds.

Colorful photos:

The photos used in Ryan’s shed plans make it clearer to understand the blueprints and the designs and styles. There are pictures given from every angle in colors in the shed plans. This makes Ryan’s shed plans more interactive than most other shed plans.

Supplier Manual:

You will find not only a complete list of resources in Ryan’s Shed plan but also the suppliers of the parts for building the sheds according to the procedures. It will provide you the best woodworking supplies at the best price. Also, you would not have to look for working wood supplies from store to store. You can know the exact location of where to find your necessary supplies just from Ryan’s shed plans.

Pros and Cons of My Shed Plans by Ryan

Before buying Ryan’s My Shed Plans, you must be aware of all the pros and cons. Despite being the best shed plan ever, My Shed Plans by Ryan Henderson have some cons. But you will find the list of pros is bigger than the list of cons. We will be honest about it all. So, here are the pros and cons-


  • It has 12000 plans to choose from. This will always help you find exactly what you are looking for
  • Very easily written and explained by an expert who is a woodworker.
  • The instructions are clear and specific.
  • You can download the pdf of Ryan’s shed plans and work on different shed designs.
  • No previous experiences or skills are required for following the Shed plans by Ryan.
  • Perfect for beginners as well as professionals
  • The whole procedure is given and shown step by step.
  • Includes 3d drawing of the blueprints so that the picture can be understood and explained from every angle
  • The plans and instructions are legitimate. You can get My Shed Plans by Ryan in a thick book or PDF. You have to do a lot of reading to find what you are looking for.
  • My Shed Plans by Ryan ensure a shed of good quality.
  • Makes the shed long-lasting if all the instructions are maintained properly
  • Includes DVDs with the books for the people who are too lazy to read
  • Excellent for a DIY project
  • Saves money and time


  • The PDF guide is a huge reading, and some people do not have enough patience to read through the book or pdf for the plans.
  • Reading the book and pdf can be very time consuming and tedious.

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My Shed Plans Price and costs

One crucial fact about My Shed Plan’s by Ryan Henderson is, it’s not free. You should not even expect it to be. After all, you get all the things you need to build a shed in this one place. You cannot expect to get all this free of cost anywhere else.

Of course, there are many shed plans which you will find free to download from the internet, but they are not accurate plans like Ryan’s Shed plans are.


But this does not mean that it is not affordable. It will cost only $37, where; you will gain a profit of more than 1000 dollars and benefits of 4 particular bonuses worthy of more than $350. And if you are not truly satisfied with the guides, you will get your money back.

This ensures the accuracy and proficiency of the shed plans, at the same time, risk- free. One thing to say for sure, you will love the collection of shed plans by Ryan. And for 12000 shed plans of various designs, $37 are a small amount. However, this price may increase in the future. If you are looking for shed plans at an affordable price, you better collect yours now from Ryan Shed Plans.

No Hidden Charge:

Moreover, there are no hidden charges. $37 is all you have to pay to get My Shed Plans by Ryan Henderson. After buying the collection of shed plans, you can use it for a lifetime without extra payments.

Additional Benefits:

Another bonus benefit of the shed plan is you will keep getting updates for free after purchasing. You will have free access to an online support medium. You can get help from other experienced woodworkers from there, if necessary. All you have to do is to log into your account from Member sign in.

Is My Shed Plans Scam?

Well, we are guessing you all know the reasons for all the pros and cons by now. If the answer is no, let us tell you why most people think Ryan Henderson’s shed plan is a scam. As this is an authentic shed plan review written by a professional woodworker, the ghost writer who writes about the shed plan plans started facing a huge loss.

So, this is the reason they started to post negative reviews, claiming this Ryan’s shed plans scam or Ryan shed plans ripoff. And many people think the internet is a trustworthy source. Whenever they see all the negative reviews, they agree that they might post the same negative reviews without verifying the truth. This is the main reason for the negative reviews and the false news of Ryan’s shed plan being a scam.

Still, there are personal individual choices of different people. It is very likely normal that some people might not prefer Ryan’s shed plan at all.

Teds Woodworking Plans vs. My Shed Plans

Ted’s woodworking plans are said to be best for customized shed designs for specific needs. He also provides very detailed shed plans for customized ideas for constructing a shed for a special purpose. Ted is a professional woodworker who provides ideas that give an outcome of maximum effectiveness with minimum efforts. However, Ted’s plans are not as effective as Ryan’s. We have gone through many Teds Woodworking Plans reviews and turned out these are copied from Ryan and are not highly robust plans.

My Shed Plans Elite

Best Shed Plans

It is a complete guide for the woodworking projects, which you will be able to download from Ryan’s official website. However, from the My Shed Plans Review, we have found that it is not free. On the other hand, it is not expensive either. But you can access the plans easily. After you pay for it, it would need approximately 5 minutes to complete the download.

Does My Shed Need Planning Permission?

An important point to be noted while planning to build a shed is about if your shed plan needs legal permissions or not. This entirely depends on what type of shed you are building. If you are building a small wood-based birdhouse in your garden and plan to place it somewhere on your property, that would not require any permission.

But if you are bringing any change in public and government property, that would indeed require legal permission. If you are making a massive change inside your property, that might need permissions too. It is better to contact someone who controls these legal issues in your locality before starting your construction works. So, your outdoor shed plan won’t face any bad consequences later on.

There are some constructing rules to remember regarding planning permissions. They are-

  • You should build your shed close to a wall, which is the other’s property.
  • All sheds should be built-in nature.
  • The roof space height should not be more than 2.5 meters.
  • The maximum height of a regular roof shed is 3 meters.
  • Only the height of a dual pitch roof can be 4 meters.
  • If a regular shed stands less than 2 meters from one or more borders of any assets, the overall height should not cross 2.5 meters.
  • In the case of lands in national parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and similar sites, any sheds or similar structures over 20 meters away from the house cannot take up more than 10 square meters.
  • The shed cannot be used as sleeping accommodation. Any building that essentially marks a change of use for the property should be looked into in more detail.
  • You should gain surety from a legal authority before starting a significant shed planning. And if the legal authority says you need legal permission, you must take that with proper formalities.

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Preferred Sizes of Shed

Do not get worried about which sizes you should use to build your shed. In the construction of shed plans, it is commonly mentioned that “No more than half the land area around the ‘original house’ would be covered by additions or other buildings.” So, it is always better to stick with this basic rule to stay out of trouble.

Another good thing is that most log cabins are made from the permitted sizes in legal construction rules. So, you would not even have to worry about the size that much.

Some people get their woodland in their property. There they can build their type of sheds and wood constructions. But for anything permanent, they would have to seek legal permission too.

Firewood shed, my outdoor plans.

Firewood sheds are made for keeping the wood logs which you use in a fireplace. But still, if you want to build a Firewood shed outdoor, you can do that too. In Ryan’s shed plan, you will find many firewoods shed plans in different sizes and different styles. It is best to build the shed is12x16. There can be sizes of 4×6 one cord firewood shed, 2×6 half cord firewood shed, 4×16 3 cord firewood shed, etc.

The FAQs About My Shed Plans

Q. Is Ryan shed plans legit?

‘Ryan Shed plans’ is undoubtedly a legit shed plan. It is a product by an expert woodworker. My Shed Plans provide thousands of blueprints and designs of shed plans to choose from. It is effortless to follow the procedures. It has step by step instructions included with the material list to follow from, where you will find most of the shed designs incomplete and complicated.

Q. Is MyShedPlansm legit?

‘MyShedPlans’ is the product by Ryan Henderson about how to build a shed properly. Most of the other shed plans are not even provided and written by professional woodworkers, but MyShedPlan by Ryan has made a stand out here. Ryan Henderson is an experienced woodworker, and he wrote and instructed in MyShedPlans according to his experiences, and it is 100% legit.

Q. What is the cheapest way to build a shed?

The cheapest way to build a shed is to choose and follow a good plan for building a shed. Then you would not have to buy any extra things. No ingredients for building the shed will be wasted if you follow a perfect plan to build a shed. Building your shed following an experienced woodworker’s plan can be very reasonable and cheaper than buying a shed.

How much does it cost to build a 12×12 shed?

To build a 12×12 shed, it will cost approximately between $2,973 and $3,667. However, it will also depend on the plans you are going to follow.

MyShedPlans Reviews- Our Verdict

Most of the time, people don’t read the whole review for anything, and that’s why we tried to keep the My Shed Plans review short to get the details peacefully. On the other hand, some may judge without knowing the whole stuff and ask if Ryan’s shed plans legitimate?

For them, we would say it has all the benefits that most other shed plans do not have. That, too, at a very reasonable price. So, if you want to take a break from the corporate world and be a little crafty and creative by building wooden sheds or any other items, Ryan’s shed plans could be the perfect choice for you. Get More DIY home and Gardening Ideas here.

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