Back to School time is the best time to find your inner crafting diva! Check out these awesome DIY back-to-school supplies and let's get crafty!

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Hey guys! Get ready for Lilly’s Rundown all about DIY school supplies!

I journeyed into the internet and I found some of the best DIY projects for back to school. All for you guys, so let’s check ‘em out!

First up, this decorated mirror for your locker!

Everyone needs a mirror at school. I mean, c’mon, after lunch and all? When they served popcorn and everything bagels? Okay, no school serves that for lunch, but ya know what I mean. Things get stuck in them teeth. Why not make your mirror supa cool by decorating it with the ever-trendy Washi tape found at Office Depot? So. Many. Designs. Ahhhhhh!

Next, we have this nifty Chord organizer!

Okay, this DIY is sooooo cool and so worth it! How many times do your phone charger, headphones, camera charger, extra headphones, hair ties, extra bracelets and lollipops need to end up in a tangled mess before you do something about it? Too many times! Now you can easily carry all of your chords in one wrapped-up travel pack.

# 3, the DIY Fuzzy notebook!

Uh, hello, who doesn’t want a fuzzy notebook?! It’s so originaaaal. Plus, you can use only your favorite colors if you want. For instance, I would make my book out of blue, green, and purple pipe cleaners. How pretty! All you do is glue them on, wrap the ends around the back of the cover, and then glue colored paper on the inside cover to hide the ends and make an even surface. You couuuuld get fancy and also glue some pictures on that colored paper. Or write your favorite poem.. “Roses are red, Lilly’s are blue, Math might be boring, but Music is next, WOOHOO!”

Next super cool DIY: Stamped pencils

These are so cool. When you’re bored in class and you need some encouragement, look to your DIY pencil for your favorite lyric, your friend’s name, or words to keep you going like, “You are amazeballs.” or “School ends at 3 p.m.” or “Work hard, play hard!” Something like that!

And finally, the revamped lunch box!

You know the old lunch box you used to use that you think is silly now and outdated? Well, NEWSFLASH, it isn’t! You can revamp that lunchbox into something awesome. All you need to decide is what photos, words, or stickers you want the outside of your lunchbox to be decorated with. You can mod podge pictures of your friends, of your favorite shows, colored paper cutouts of your name or the names of your favorite bands, whatever you like! Then, add to the lunch box by using chalkboard paint! You can paint the inside of the lid so that throughout the year your parents, siblings, and friends can write you messages. If you’re artistic, maybe you want to paint the ENTIRE lunchbox with chalkboard paint! Then you can change its appearance everyday! But be careful, if you smudge your drawing, the art will be lost!

Guys, FAN POLL time: Which back to school DIY project is your favorite? Tell us in a comment!

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