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60 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Class with Leigha | Level 2/3 | Ecstatic Movement in Service of Breath.

Strong Vinyasa.

With big time help from Matt Kehoe Media.

In this class we explore…

~Heart openers – lung expanders!!
~Standing sequencing; seated sequencing
~Funky variations of traditional poses – arm binding
~Backbending: a chance to drop back; exploration of hollow-back Pincha; one-legged Camel variations/Wild Thing variations; Gandaberundasana – i.e., chin stand
~Headstand B; Handstand
~Fun stuff

Thank you for watching and reading. Please always share your requests because I am listening!


S T A Y i n T O U C H


More classes, tutorials and hearty samples on the way. Stay in touch. I especially love to know what you'd like to see more of.

with love,



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“Starting my morning with this! Thank you for always graciously sharing your practice with us!!! I am in ♡ with your style & the challenges you allow me to try!!!!”

“I've started taking your classes and enjoying every moment of the practice in the early morning before heading out for work. Thank you very much. Namaste.”

“I find your classes unique and inspiring, They leave me feeling the best version of me.”

“I have been loving your classes. Thank you for making them.”

“You have added sooo much to my practice that i had to thank you! your pace, instruction, sequencing and the space you allow is magical. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and work.”


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