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The 3 week diet plan has been taking the internet world by storm with its bold claims about shredding fat off your belly and looking great, but are these claims worth pursuing? That’s what this video seeks to find out. You’ll get a better understanding of the plan as long as some helpful tips. As with any dieting plan the most important thing is consistency. You have to be willing to put in the hard work to get fit or else the pounds won’t roll off. That being said let’s look at how the program progresses.

Starting Out
The initial phase of the plan involves an intense detoxification of the liver and rest of the body. This is probably the most difficult phase as it involves severe calorie restriction and limited food choices. Thankfully, the plan only gets better from here on out.

The middle phase is characterized by experiments with high fat and low fat eating protocols. Additionally, there is a day of intermittent fasting worked in. For followers of programs such as kinobody then this will be familiar. The difference is that there is also a fast that spans the length of an entire day. This fast happens at the very beginning of the middle phase.

Completing the Program
The end of the program is far less restrictive than the beginning in regard to what foods you can consume. In this stage you lay a foundation for healthy eating habits that are SUSTAINABLE. What good is it if you can’t keep it up? Anyhow, by this time nagging hunger pangs should be gone, and you should have dropped a considerable amount of weight.

Is EXERCISE required?
In short, yes. To be more specific, a daily walk is recommended. If you really want to lose the most weight possible then you HAVE to exercise. That being said, some users have still lost decent amounts of weight MINUS the exercise.

How much will I REALLY lose?
The creator claims around 20 pounds, but we have found this number to be on the absolute high end. Most users should experience between 10 to 20 pounds of weight loss. The closer the 3 week diet plan is followed then the better the results will be.


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