Hey, guys! You will love this video as it will speed up the cooking process and will help you to solve a ton of kitchen problems. We know a lot of tips and tricks about cooking efficiently and effectively!
– freeze apples before making juice
– you will learn how to cook low-fat bacon using aluminum foil
– use apple cutter to quickly prepare French fries at home
– You will learn the easiest way to eat pineapples
– If it’s hard for you to eat rice with chopsticks, you will live the lifehack we shared. You will need clothespin and chopsticks. Remove the spring from a wooden clothespin and insert between two chopsticks.
– Try to open a Coke can using chopsticks
– Pit cherries easily! Place cherries on top of an empty coke bottle, one at a time, and use a chopstick to push the pit into the bottle
– Simply genius and an incredibly easy way to peel off kiwis – cut a kiwi in half, take a mixer whisk, insert it right in the kiwi and turn around. Now it’s so easy to cook fruit salads!
– Use clothespins to pull out the pieces of bread out of the toaster
– Use a skimmer to separate yolks from whites
– Use French Press to make whipped cream for coffee. Fill the French press halfway with heavy cream and pump the lever up and down
– Use dental floss to cut a watermelon, if you don’t have a knife
– Check out how to hull a strawberry using a straw
– You will learn how to make square oranges to amaze your family

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00:10 How to eat a pineapple
00:50 Low-fat bacon
02:21 Quick French fries
03:31 Homemade jam
08:41 Quick dessert idea

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