Check out a collection of time-saving kitchen hacks everybody should know! You will learn how to cut vegetables much faster. You will learn how to make square oranges to amaze your family, how to cut cheese using a plastic card if you don’t have a knife, the quickest way to squeeze lemons. If you have some old books you don’t want to throw away, glue covers together to make DIY knife holder. This cool project will add personality to your kitchen. Glue kitchen hooks to the wooden hanger to store your collection of mugs. Check out the brilliant way to cut a cake! Moreover, we prepared super-delicious dishes you can prepare for a special event or amaze your friends! You going to love cheesy camembert recipes.
We love recipes with cheese as you can cook super delicious appetizers with minimum effort. Let’s start from baked brie with potatoes that could be the main dish also. Take 4-5 rounds of brie, cut the tops from brie and wrap in the dough and place the brie “tower” in the center of the baking tray. Put jacket potatoes around, spray potatoes with olive oil and add any spicy you like and bake for 60 minutes. Yummy! Another cool idea is to cool camembert with vegetables. Baked camembert with vegetables topping recipe: cut the camembert in half and place one half in the middle of pastry circle, add vegetable topping and potato slices. Cut the pastry in 8 parts, it will look like a flower. Use a glass to cut a circular line at the end of each petal. Fold petals one by one and brush with egg wash. Bake.
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00:09 Square oranges
02:42 How to cut cheese without a knife
03:59 Knife holder out of old books
06:37 Vegetable carving ideas
10:17 Recipes with Camembert

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