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Today, we collected the coolest crafts and hacks for you. I promise that you will want to repeat them all. Find your favorite hack and don't forget to tell us in the comments, which idea you liked most of all.

You can grow DIY crystals at home! We have a recipe for growing homemade treasures! Spoiler: we tested a viral hack and realized that you can't grow diamonds in a microwave.

We have a cool outdoor party idea! You can blow giant soap bubbles and make a bubble show! Just use a couple of sticks and a thread in order to make a blowing device and have fun!

There are many cool spy crafts for kids in this video! Learn how to make a secret flash drive, spying device, and hidden ink!

You can make amazing DIY bowls – check them out and learn how to make your house brighter and cozier. One of my favorite ideas is a cute bowl made of wood and epoxy! Another awesome and very simple idea is making bowls of glue and ribbons. If you need a nice piece of decor, check out how to make a clay bowl in the shape of a hand. Such a bowl can also be a nice gift for your friends.


00:41 – Checking Internet hacks
01:08 – Giant bubbles
01:48 – Spy hacks for kids
04:20 – Cute DIY bowls

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