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How to bring stress relievers everywhere with you! My top 15 phone case compilation with super cool and fun anti-stress (stress relieving) designs including a kawaii penguin, sun emoji slime, egg squishy, cat squishy & galaxy, kiwi slime popsocket, emojis, rainbow liquid, magic color-changing, pineapple donut squishy, fluffy flamingo, Rudolph the reindeer, snow globe, cloud squishy & rainbow, fluffy unicorn, and gumball machine. Hope you'll enjoy! #slime #squishy #asmr #rainbow #stressrelievers

🌟Materials 🌟
🎄Rudolph Reindeer Phone Case: craft foam paper, slime, balloon, acrylic paint, and hot glue gun.
🌈Kiwi Slime Popsocket: PVA glue, laundry detergent, food coloring, nail polish, toothpaste cap, E6000 glue.
🎄Penguin Squishy Phone Case: memory foam, puffy paint, pipe cleaner, and pom poms.
🌈Squishy Egg: hot glue, slime, balloon, nail polish (acrylic paint), crazy glue.
🎄Snow Globe Phone Case: clear ornament, mini pine tree, salt, disposable plastic cup, snowflake confetti, E6000 glue, and red nail polish.
🌈Rainbow Liquid: clear drinking straw, food dye, water, crazy glue.
🌈Color-changing: paper, sharpies (permanent markers), school glue, vinyl, flat iron.
🌈Cloud Squishy Phone Case: mochi squishy, nail polish, E6000 glue.🌈Fluffy Rainbow Unicorn: yarn, ping-pong ball, sponge, acrylic paint, hot glue.
🌈Pom-pom Flamingo: felt, template, yarn, E6000 glue.

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