Whether you're looking to get rid of the darkness down the hallway or looking to light up a night time party these lighting fixtures are to illuminate.


1. The Cloud Chandelier













Get that winter weather look in your home all year around with these cloud lights. Use these cloud lights for any special occasion or just as fun way to illuminate your hallways. Learn how to create your own cloudy day here.


2. String Light Cupcakes












Cupcakes are not only sweet treats to eat, but now they are a precious little way to light up a stairway. Get the recipe for these no bake cupcake lights here.


3. CardBoard








A few cardboard boxes goes a long way. Simple chandeliers are classic and chic find it here.


5. Wine Bottle Lamps








The wine in the bottle is not the only useful thing, but the bottle as well. These wine bottle lights are perfect for any evening in with friends. Find it here.


6. Paper Cube String Lights








Put your amazing paper folding skills to use with these paper cube string lights. Find it here.


7. Hula Hoop Chandelier  

Hula Hoop

Who said hula hoops are only for kids. Reminisce times from your childhood with these hula hoops string lights. Find it here.








8. Glowing Gift Boxes

Get in gear for Christmas early this year. Make sure your house is the best decorated and most festive on the block with these cute gift boxes here.


9. Pendant Light Tin Cans

Recycle. Recycle. Recycle. Reuse your emptied tin cans to  make these pendant lights. These pendant lights will make the ultimate statement above your dinner table. Find it here.


10. Light Up Hair Combs

Get your shine on with this light up hair clip. Complete your outfit with this unique hair accessory. Find it here.


11. Baby Food Jar Tea Lights

Illuminate the walk way or the stairwell with these super cute and super simple baby food jar lights. Find it here.


12. House Night Light

Make your little one feel comfy and cozy while they dream. Create that homey feeling here.


13. Camera Night Light 

Brighten up the room in a flash with this camera night light. Picture it here.


14. Cloud Wall Light

Keep your head in the clouds all day and especially at night. Learn how to create this cloud wall here.