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More details related to DIY Small Bedroom Improvement and Cleaning Ideas video:
10. Make Floating Nightstand with Storage
A floating bedside nightstand is the key of practicality and comfort for your small bedroom.

9. Make Use of the Space Under the Door
The genius trick for more hardworking space in a small bedroom is to take advantage of unused space.

8. Take Your Headboard to the Next Level
One of the multifunctional furniture for a small bedroom is custom headboard with storage that serves a double-duty, as a bedside table, bookshelves, and a built-in nightstand.

7. Dress Up the Lighting
Decorate the bedroom with this carnation-like snowball light. You won’t believe that the delicate ruffles are made of coffee filters.

6. Opt for a Double-Duty Wall Art
Wall art is indeed snazzy for your boring wall. Cheap and simple wood boxes can be upgraded into a wall art and an open shelf at the same time.

5. Stencil Your Wall
Cheer up your wall with DIY Moroccan-style patterns. It’s completely free because all you need are cardboard and some leftover paint.
4. Get a New Curtain on the Cheap
Frequently, when you are shopping for home décor you've been dreaming of, you are stepping back when knowing the price is insanely expensive. Instead of buying at a high price, it would be better to make it yourself.

3. Cheer It up with Pops of Colors
Don’t be afraid to play with colors. Mix two or three different colors in your bedroom will be just fine.

2. Don’t Miss the Space Under Your Bed
A bed takes up a big space of a bedroom, whether in the master bedroom or the kids’ rooms. So why don't you make use of the valuable space beneath it with these under bed clothing drawers.

1. Organize Your Drawer
Drawer dividers can fix this problem. You can make it yourself from cereal boxes.

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