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10 AMAZING Scrap Wood Project Ideas | Beginner Woodworking Projects 

10 AMAZING Scrap Wood Project Ideas | Beginner Woodworking Projects

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Check out these 10 (plus 4 bonus) amazing scrap wood project ideas. If you are like me you have a lot of scrap wood that piles up over time. You don't like throwing away good wood so we have to find a way to use it. You can make these scrap wood projects to sell or use these scrap wood projects as gifts. These are great scrap wood decor ideas as well. You can make everything from a scrap wood shelf, to scrap wood wall decor, and even scrap wood beverage holder. There is even a scrap wood shop project included. Check it out! Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description and they help support this channel.

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Tools and Supplies Discussed in this Video:
Awesome After Shave That'll Burn Your Face Off:
Cricut Vinyl Cutter:
Silhouette Vinyl Cutter:
Paper Towel Holder:
Deer Stencil:

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*Camera Equipment Used for Videos*
Canon M50
Canon 22mm Lens:
GoPro Hero 8:
Microphone I Use:

0:00 Intro
1:00 1st Scrap Wood Project Chevrons
1:17 2nd Scrap Wood Project Lazy Suzan
1:33 3rd Scrap Wood Project Mallets
2:16 4th Scrap Wood Project Totes
3:12 5th Scrap Wood Project Shelf
3:47 6th Scrap Wood Project Wood Dice
4:19 7th Scrap Wood Project Push Sticks
5:26 8th Scrap Wood Project Dog Paw Blocks
6:40 9th Scrap Wood Project Scrabble Tiles
7:27 10th Scrap Wood Project Paper Towel Holder
7:53 Bonus Scrap Woodworking Projects
8:40 Project Ideas for Scrap Exotic Wood
9:26 Outro

Disclaimer: Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description and they help support this channel. By clicking on the links and purchasing items it provides me a very small commission but cost you nothing extra. It is a great way to support small creators like me. I appreciate the support more than you know!

Working with wood and power tools is inherently dangerous. Anyone using any of the tools or supplies used in these videos are personally responsible for learning the proper techniques involved, and he or she assumes all risks and accepts complete responsibility for any and all damages and injury of any kind.

Before using any hand or power tool with which you are unfamiliar, consult its operating instructions, and if necessary, seek instruction by a qualified person well versed in its operation and appropriate safety techniques.

731 Woodworks is intended for entertainment purposes only. There are no warranties implied and your results may differ from ours. You should NOT rely solely upon the information and techniques discussed and displayed in these videos. Rather, you should fully research each technique and decide for yourself what is the safest possible work method for you.


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