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1 Hour Total Body Yoga Workout (Vinyasa Flow to Bird Of Paradise). Today’s free one hour total body yoga video will prepare you for this challenge posture Bird of Paradise. In order to be ready to attempt Bird of Paradise, we need to warm up and educate many parts of the body, including our shoulders, hips, hamstrings and core muscles (total body yoga). There’s a slight twist in the yoga posture as well and we’ll be practicing some twisting postures that will help to keep the pelvis and hips neutral and we twist the spine from above the waist. Balance is also a component of practicing Bird of Paradise. We’ll start off balancing in tree pose and you’re always welcome to practice tree instead of moving into Bird of Paradise if it seems too difficult in today's yoga practice. Remember, balance is different day to day. One day your balance will feel solid and stable, another day it will feel frustratingly impossible. Don’t take it personally…most days it falls in between the two extremes. Yoga asanas or postures are a great way to keep your total body strong and flexible. When connected with your breath, your yoga practice helps to unblock energy in your body and increase the circulation so that your total body and mind stay healthy and active. Do your best and let go of any expectations about your yoga poses. Enjoy this free youtube yoga video and the process of connecting to yourself.

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